Quinn’s Crimes

Broke into Liam Spencer’s e-mail to forward a tribute video made for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester, to his fiancee, Hope Logan [2013]

Stabbed her ex, Bill Spencer, with his sword necklace and licked his blood [2013]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a freight elevator [2014]

Held Aly Forrester over a second-story railing [2014]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a steam room and turned up the heat [2014]

Stole the keys to the Forrester cabin in Big Bear so her son Wyatt could be with Hope Logan [2014]

Stabbed Liam Spencer in the throat with his sword necklace [2014]

Tried to kill Liam Spencer with a sword [2014]

Stole a motorcycle in Paris [2014]

Pushed Ivy Forrester into Paris’ River Seine [2014]

Stole a pair of binoculars from a Parisian tourist [2014]

Held a gun on Deacon Sharpe [2014]

Broke into the Forrester compound to lurk at Hope Logan’s baby shower [2014]

Slapped Brooke Logan so hard she fell to the ground [2015]