Affiliates Request

Use the form below if you want to request to be an affiliate of Lady Blue Eyes and for this matter only. This is not a form to sign up for the gallery or send an email to Rena. This is a form to be used for affiliates request. If you get a naughty email back it’s only because you didn’t follow the directions.

Rules to abide by:
1. Mostly all sites that apply are chosen as affiliates. The only exception is porn sites. Affiliates will be added. It might take a while to add affiliates based on time, but all affiliates that apply will be added.

2. Pending affiliates are kept for only two weeks. If after two weeks and another email and our button isn’t added, there is no affiliation.

3. Do not link directly to the buttons. Save them to your own server.

4. Do not link to a certain section of the site or the gallery. Link to the index page of the complete site.

5. You must link back to our site to become an affiliate.


Email Address:

Name of your site:

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Type of affiliate: Elite

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