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The Chronicle Review

The Chronicle Sci Fi Channel, premieres July 14, 9 p.m.

In this darkly comic series, all of those Weekly World News-esque tales of alien visitations and Elvis sightings are the stuff that Pulitzers are made of—at least they would be if the Man weren’t keeping a lid on them. Explains creator Silvio Horta (Urban Legends), “We’d seen the X-Files routine done many times, and I thought, ‘We’ve established that the truth is out there, so let’s have some fun with it.'” In keeping with that sci-fi standby, The Chronicle’s reporters include a skeptic named Tucker Burns (Chad Willett) and dyed-in-the-wool believer Grace Hall (Ed’s Rena Sofer), while the huffy editor in chief (Jon Polito) and the snout-nosed archivist “Pig Boy” (Revenge of the Nerds vet Curtis Armstrong) provide the comic relief. Among The Chronicle’s future stories: “I See Dead Fat People,” about a house built on the ashes of a weight-loss clinic, and “What Gobbles Beneath,” featuring a “tumor monster” that kills cell-phone users. The show’s very un-tabloidy choice thus far has been to avoid celebrity-based plotlines, but, says Horta, “you never know. Britney Spears is not human, so…”

Mike Flaherty
Entertainment Weekly
June 22

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