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I have finished the process of adding the images to the gallery. So now the gallery is fully restored and regular updates can take place. Yay!

Date: August 13th
By: rsfan

Just wanted to come in and say that I have finished uploading captures of Rena from Blind Justice, The Chronicle, and Melrose Place. I also added back the captures of Rena from the movies Nightmare Street and Traffic. I am now about to start the process of adding captures of Rena from […]

Date: August 12th
By: rsfan

Well, I had hoped to have the gallery back to its completed state but it’s been a silly process behind the scenes. I have so many captures of Rena to upload but the uploading process is starting and stopping. I hope to have the gallery fully restored before the end of the […]

Date: August 9th
By: rsfan

I am still working on getting the site back up and running. So far, the pages have been added back to the site so you can check those out. The gallery has been a huge work in progress. Scans and images have been added back to the gallery. I am now working […]

Date: July 31st
By: rsfan

Okay. So I’m hoping that the period of changing the site’s nameservers over have fully taken place. I am working diligently on restoring the image gallery but it’s at a new location now. You can access the gallery using this link.

Date: July 29th
By: rsfan

Welcome back to Lady Blue Eyes! I have moved the site over to a new server so it’s time to start the process of putting the site back together. I have to add all of the pages of the site back. I also have to add the images back to the gallery. […]

Date: July 28th
By: rsfan
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