Welcome to LADY BLUE EYES, the largest fan site dedicated to actress Rena Sofer. You seen Rena's gorgeous blue eyes on shows like General Hospital, Coupling, Heroes, 24, and Bold and the Beautiful. This is the one and only place for all things Rena so enjoy your stay!

I spent most of the day adding captures of Rena from last year’s episodes of Bold and the Beautiful. I have a number of dates left to add and I hope to get that done either tonight or tomorrow. Then I have to start capping episodes from February 2014 until now. That […]

Date: April 13th
By: renafan

I know that it’s been a while since images have been added to the gallery but there’s been an update. I have a lot of images of Rena to add and I hope to do it while on my spring break. First things first, I added some captures of the Collagen Body […]

Date: April 13th
By: renafan

I have finally started the process of adding captures of Rena’s appearances from the Bold and the Beautiful. I’m indifferent about the way the captures because I’m trying a new program, but I’m so behind in adding the captures. So I’m going to go with these for now. I hope you all […]

Date: January 20th
By: renafan

Added some captures of Rena from the 1997 movie Nightmare Street. She looked so different in that movie. I hope the captures came out okay. I tried a new capture program for them. Enjoy.

Date: January 19th
By: renafan

There have been a few tweaks at the gallery. First, I added some scans of some Bold and the Beautiful stills to the gallery on January 16. Then, I combined three categories at the gallery – the Awards Show category, the Events and Parties category, and the Premieres category. I’ve combined them […]

Date: January 17th
By: renafan

Happy holidays darlings! I hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. Be safe and have fun.

Date: December 25th
By: renafan
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