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Coronation of the Heart – An Interview with Rena Sofer

Sparkling, Passionate, and Embracing Her Full Power, Rena Sofer Talks To Us About Portraying Queen Eva (Snow’s Mother) In Once Upon A Time & Becoming All You Can Be

In Season 2, Emmy-award winning actress Rena Sofer joins the Once Upon a Time cast as Snow White’s mother Queen Eva. I felt so fortunate to chat with Rena prior to the airing of her episode—and her tremendous intelligence, wit, and passion for the acting craft is nothing short of inspirational! In the following interview, Rena discusses the nuances of her character, her unique experiences on the set, and the importance of embracing your full power when it comes to matters of the heart. read more

Rena Sofer Gives Inside Scoop on Quinn – Her Bold and Beautiful Role

When Rena Sofer first joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful, who knew that her character — Quinn Fuller — would turn out to be someone viewers would love to hate? Quinn, whose son Wyatt [Darin Brooks] is Bill Spencer’s [Don Diamont] illegitimate son, just seemed to be a doting single mother, who also had a talent for designing jewelry.

But now, months into the character, it turns out that Quinn will go to any lengths to make Wyatt happy.

So much so, it isn’t clear if she is just obsessed with her son’s happiness, or possibly a little psycho. read more

Rena Sofer Talks Daytime Drama and Amorra Collagen Candle Skincare

When Quinn Fuller blew onto the scene on “The Bold and the Beautiful” this summer, neither her portrayer, Rena Sofer, nor the audience had any idea of what they were in for. Since Quinn has been in L.A., she’s dangled someone over a railing, pushed someone off a bridge, tried to impale someone with a sword, locked someone in a steam room and interfered with and manipulated her son Wyatt’s life seven ways to Sunday. And yet, she’s still around and making life miserable for others — and the fans of “B&B” couldn’t be happier. I spoke with Rena recently about her new role, and she can’t wait for fans to see what else Quinn has planned. read more

Sofer Engaged

LOS ANGELES – Actress Rena Sofer has a busy schedule to maintain. In addition to her recent role in the upcoming NBC remake of Stephen King’s prom-gone-wrong movie “Carrie,” she will be joining the cast of “Just Shoot Me” as a fashion consultant.

She also has a wedding to plan, according to her publicist who tells the AP that she will marry director/producer Sanford Bookstaver (“Fastlane”) next year.

Sofer, 33, was previously married to her “General Hospital” co-star Wallace Kurth and has a six-year daughter, Rosabel. She also starred on the Sci Fi series “The Chronicle,” and managed to temporarily turn Ed’s head away from Carol Vessey on “Ed” as sultry attorney Bonnie Hayne. read more