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Sofer Engaged

LOS ANGELES – Actress Rena Sofer has a busy schedule to maintain. In addition to her recent role in the upcoming NBC remake of Stephen King’s prom-gone-wrong movie “Carrie,” she will be joining the cast of “Just Shoot Me” as a fashion consultant.

She also has a wedding to plan, according to her publicist who tells the AP that she will marry director/producer Sanford Bookstaver (“Fastlane”) next year.

Sofer, 33, was previously married to her “General Hospital” co-star Wallace Kurth and has a six-year daughter, Rosabel. She also starred on the Sci Fi series “The Chronicle,” and managed to temporarily turn Ed’s head away from Carol Vessey on “Ed” as sultry attorney Bonnie Hayne. read more

It’s Official: Rena Sofer Joins Melrose

Rena Sofer (ex-Lois, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Rocky, LOVING) confirms that she has joined MELROSE PLACE and will begin airing in late fall/winter.

“I have been offered a role without having to audition, which I am excited about,” Sofer beams. “I play a good friend of Amanda’s from the past. We share a secret. At this point I know that I’ll be working with Jack Wagner [Peter] and Heather Locklear [Amanda], but that’s about all I know.”

Sofer is in the dark for good reason. “The funniest thing about this whole experience is that I have not talked to – nor have I met with – anybody from MELROSE PLACE except for [Executive Producer] Aaron Spelling. He liked what I did in the pilot [GLORY, GLORY] and if he likes you, he likes to use you. So, here I am!” read more

All About Eve

Former GH Star Rena Sofer Drops the nails and the accent to pick up a microphone (and Jack Wagner!) on Melrose Place.

Just the Facts
BIRTHDAY: December 2 * PREVIOUS SOAP ROLES: Lois, GH; Rocky, LOVING * MARRIED: Wallace Kurth (Ned, GH) on March 31, 1996 * TATTOOS: Five * TATTOOS SHE WANTS REMOVED: Three * DOES SHE REALLY SING ON MP? “God, no. I’m lip-synching.”

RENA SOFER: I love it. Love it! I never thought I would work with a crew that I loved as much as the one at GENERAL HOSPITAL until I got here. read more

Sofer So Good

After breaking hearts on Ed, Rena Sofer tries a new beat as a tabloid reporter on Sci Fi’s The Chronicle

Name: Rena Sofer
Born: December 2, 1968
Lives: In Los Angeles with 4-year-old daughter Rosabel, by ex-husband (and General Hospital star) Wallace Kurth.

Backstory: Sofer was born in Arcadia, California, but she and her big brother David, moved to Ambridge, Pennsylvania, with their father Martin (an Orthodox Jewish rabbi), after their parents divorced in the ’70s and her mother, Susan, left home to pursue a college degree. After years apart, Sofer says she now has a “close” relationship with her mom, who is a psychology professor. read more

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