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Offbeat ‘Chronicle’ Prints Good News

Stop the presses!

“The Chronicle,” a spry new Sci Fi Channel series about a tacky tabloid covering out-of-this-world phenomena, is the daffiest diversion of the summer.

Lifting bits and pieces from “Men in Black” and “The X-Files,” this cheesy yet breezy adventure is light, frivolous, farfetched fun with enough throwaway lines to fill the funnies. The cynical protagonist here is Tucker Burns (Chad Willett), a lean, likable Columbia School of Journalism grad in dire need of a job. read more

The Chronicle Review

The Chronicle Sci Fi Channel, premieres July 14, 9 p.m.

In this darkly comic series, all of those Weekly World News-esque tales of alien visitations and Elvis sightings are the stuff that Pulitzers are made of—at least they would be if the Man weren’t keeping a lid on them. Explains creator Silvio Horta (Urban Legends), “We’d seen the X-Files routine done many times, and I thought, ‘We’ve established that the truth is out there, so let’s have some fun with it.'” In keeping with that sci-fi standby, The Chronicle’s reporters include a skeptic named Tucker Burns (Chad Willett) and dyed-in-the-wool believer Grace Hall (Ed’s Rena Sofer), while the huffy editor in chief (Jon Polito) and the snout-nosed archivist “Pig Boy” (Revenge of the Nerds vet Curtis Armstrong) provide the comic relief. Among The Chronicle’s future stories: “I See Dead Fat People,” about a house built on the ashes of a weight-loss clinic, and “What Gobbles Beneath,” featuring a “tumor monster” that kills cell-phone users. The show’s very un-tabloidy choice thus far has been to avoid celebrity-based plotlines, but, says Horta, “you never know. Britney Spears is not human, so…” read more

A Bond That Ties

Former Ed star Rena Sofer and her 007-obsessed groom get hitched in Malibu

Last August television director Sanford Bookstaver cast girlfriend Rena Sofer in a romantic bit of playacting—totally unbeknownst to her. Bookstaver, 29, who met Sofer, 34, in 2001 on the Sci-Fi Channel series The Chronicle, set up the former Ed star by picking a fight with her over not spending time with his friends. He then mailed home an invitation to a supposed party for one of his pals, which she eagerly accepted. But when they went to the hotel suite specified on the invite, “I threw the door open and in the room were 100 lit candles and dozens of roses,” says Bookstaver, who on bended knee offered Sofer a 3-carat diamond and platinum ring. The next day Bookstaver presented a tiny silver version of the ring to Rosabel, 6, Sofer’s daughter from a previous marriage. “He asked if she would be his stepdaughter,” says Sofer. “I was blown away.” read more

Sofer Forms Relationship with ‘Coupling’

LOS ANGELES – Fresh off a guest run on “Just Shoot Me,” actress Rena Sofer has joined the cast of NBC’s comedy pilot “Coupling.”

She replaces Melissa George (“Thieves”) in the pilot, based on the British hit about six friends entangled in current and former romantic relationships with one another. The change in casting means the pilot will be reshot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Breckin Meyer (“Inside Schwartz”), Colin Ferguson (“Cover Me”), Lindsay Price (“Beverly Hills, 90210”), Jay Harrington (“The Division”) and Emily Rutherfurd (“The Ellen Show”) are also in the cast. read more

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