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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofer: ‘I Kind of Like Aging — I Think I Earn It’

Many actresses struggle to maintain a career over decades in Hollywood, but Rena Sofer has defied the Hollywood odds. She’s been on sitcoms, dramas and, of course, soap operas. Her most recent gig has been playing Quinn Forrester for the last four years on The Bold and the Beautiful, which recently marked its 30th anniversary on the air.

“To be a part of a show that is very much also like a family, it’s just a wonderful experience,” the actress, 48, told PEOPLE at The Bold and the Beautiful 30th anniversary party at Clifton’s in downtown Los Angeles. read more

The Joys of Rena

From “Loving” to “Just Shoot Me,” the daughter of an Orthodox rabbi has landed some unorthodox roles.

Rena Sofer always seems to land ethnic roles. As the newest regular on NBC’s “Just Shoot Me,” Sofer plays Vicki Costa, a hairdresser from Brooklyn, whose name is Greek, but whose ethnicity is undefined. It’s reminiscent of her Emmy-award winning role of Lois Cerullo Ashton, the brassy Italian Brooklynite she played for five years on the soap opera “General Hospital.” read more

Style & Substance: Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer is all about spunk.You might remember her from “General Hospital,” where she played Lois Cerullo, entertainment manager to Miguel Morez (Ricky Martin) – sporting long nails, red lipstick, provocative clothes and a heavy-duty Brooklyn accent.

In her new role on “Just Shoot Me,” Sofer plays Vicki Costa, a hairdresser (who also has a Brooklyn accent) hired to give the fictional magazine Blush a fashion uplift.

“My character is very much the poor version of Carrie on “Sex and the City,” she told The Post. “You’re not going to be staring at her clothes more than you’re going to be staring at her performance, but [they’re] very eclectic and funky.” read more

Rena Sofer is laughing about sex on ‘Coupling’

Rena Sofer is laughing about sex on ‘Coupling’

Say, Rena Sofer! How do you feel starring in “Coupling,” the racy new sitcom that has reveled in publicity (and gotten a good scolding) since NBC announced it last springfi

“Great!” replies Sofer with a big smile. “Eighteen years in this business, and I’m finally on the show that everybody’s talking about. Fine! Talk about us! Thank you!”

Like Susan, her character on “Coupling”, Sofer is playful but straight-talking. Independentfi Sure, “but not afraid to get into relationships,” she says, noting with a laugh “I’ve been married twice” — in May she wed director Sanford Bookstaver — “so obviously I’m not afraid of that.” read more

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