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My Favorite Weekend

The actress, who starred on “Melrose Place” and “General Hospital,” appears on the new ABC series “Oh Grow Up,” Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m.

Pre-Weekend: My husband [“General Hospital’s” Wally Kurth] and I are subscribers to the Mark Taper Forum – though we go on Wednesdays. We see a play at least once a month. But if we didn’t subscribe, we wouldn’t go. We’d just say, “Oh, I wanted to see that.” This way we say, “We have to go – we already have tickets.”

Hammer in Hand: I built a three-tier patio in my backyard. My assistant, Paul, and I built it together over the last two years. We literally laid 50 railroad ties, cut them and rebarred them into the ground and created three tiers of patio out of hillside. So now on my weekends I enjoy it – and landscape it, and furnish it and play on it. I spend my time between OSH, Home Depot, the quarries where I get stone and Armstrong’s nursery.

Pony Express: I take my daughter to Griffith Park to go on the horseback rides – well, actually the pony rides. She’s only 3. I find that the other horse rides – like some of the ones in Burbank – the horses can barely hold the weight of a human being. I don’t go often enough to say it’s like that all the time – but I just don’t feel right about it. But there are some exceptional places in Malibu where the horses don’t have to walk so much on pavement or concrete, and I think that’s better.

Hoofing It: We like to hike the trails in Fryman Canyon and around Tree People. I’m not a real lover of traffic. To me, facing the traffic to get out to Malibu on the weekend isn’t always worth the trip. So we look for well-groomed trails nearby, that way we can take our daughter, who isn’t quite big enough to walk yet, in a jogging stroller.
Flex Time: I do yoga at Angel City or at the Ride in the Valley whenever I get the opportunity to. I don’t really enjoy going to gyms – the competitive aspects or the set time on the machines. I don’t like dealing with other sweaty people on the machines. With yoga, I feel very relaxed when I’m done, but also strong.

Robin Rauzi
L.A. Times
December 2

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