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Rena Sofer Interview

Rena Sofer Celebrates Seven Years At B&B — And Real-Life Love The Second Time Around

This is the longest I’ve ever been at any job,” reflects Rena Sofer, who will mark seven years on B&B this summer. “I was at GENERAL HOSPITAL for three years, LOVING for three years and other places for a year. I don’t think I was expecting to be here as long as I was, but every time my contract came up, it was the obvious choice to stay and move this journey forward.”

In light of her early days on the soap, Sofer marvels at her longevity. “The first couple of years were really just finding my feet in this character,” Sofer reflects. “She wasn’t well-defined, other than being Wyatt’s mom. She was just this blank page, and it was fun to decide what she stands up for and what she cares about and who she cares about and who she doesn’t. Other characters I’ve played, they had a lot more backstory or character development coming into it. I was always an actress who auditioned to fit into that role as opposed to this situation, where I was offered this role with the understanding of, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ ” read more

Rena Sofer’s Heartbreaking Choice

Quinn Fuller Forrester chose not to have an abortion on the Bold and the Beautiful after finding out she was pregnant with Wyatt. Now, the actress who plays her is speaking out in light of current new laws about how important she feels it is for a woman to have the right to choose!

Rena Sofer took to social media to explain in a series of tweets her reasons for wanting women to continue to have a choice as to whether or not they’ll continue with a pregnancy, a topic that’s making more headlines than usual this week. read more

Rena Sofer Reveals Special Engagement to Sanford Bookstaver

oaps.com sends Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofer (Quinn Fuller Forrester) our very best as she recently revealed her engagement. The actress shared a photo of her and her fiancé, director Sanford Bookstaver, as well as the Cartier love bracelet she received as a token of his love. The photo was caption, “What a weekend I’ve had!! HE ASKED ME AGAIN AND I SAID YES!!! @sbookstaver I have spent almost 19 years of my life with you and am so happy to spend the rest of my remaining years on this earth by your side. While I don’t recommend divorce as a marriage counseling tool, it sure worked for us! I love you more than anything!!!! P. S. My proposal to come… ☺️?#cartierlovebracelet #noringnecessary #loveisforever #secondchances.” Bookstaver added, “Here we go again! Take 2. Last night I asked the Love of My Life @Rena.sofer to get married once again and spend the rest of our lives together. Life is amazing! Never give up and you can spend the rest of your life happy. I love you more than anything Rena #truelove #truewuv #take2 #loveforever.” read more

Rena Sofer and Sanford Bookstaver Buy in Valley Glen

Soap star Rena Sofer and television director Sanford Bookstaver have celebrated their re-engagement — they’re getting married to each other for a second time after splitting up and getting a divorce a few years ago — with the not quite $1.9 million purchase of a newly constructed residence in the quickly up-and-coming, and increasingly expensive, Valley Glen area of L.A.’s sprawling San Fernando Valley. The unpretentious yet luxuriously appointed two-story residence has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in roughly 3,700 square feet outfitted with a comprehensive home automation system and fortified by a state-of-the-art security system. read more

Rena Sofer Scores A Knockout In Her First Bout With Soap Acting

Before the first question is asked, Rena Sofer makes it plain she’s reluctant to sit through an interview. She’s been burned twice, she says, and was especially dismayed when facetious comments she made about being single in New York, appeared in print, and “made me look like I was desperate to meet somebody.” The trouble is, as Rena herself admits, “I’m a really open and honest person, and I love to talk.”

At twenty-one, Sofer possesses all the youthful, enthusiasm, and spunkiness of Rocky McKenzie Domecq, her character on LOVING. She has strong feelings about feminism (pro) and modeling (con), among other subjects, which she shares over a brunch of waffles, lemonade and strawberry shortcake near her West Side apartment. Her ice-blue eyes and thick dark brows and hair make a striking impression, as a talent agent agreed when she spotted Rena at fifteen in a Greenwich Village jeans shop. read more

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