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Posted by rsfan

Just added a few scans to the gallery tonight, mainly scans of Rena from unknown events. If you all happen to know any of those events, please drop me a line letting me know the year and event’s name.

Updated/added albums to the gallery include: 2004 – The LuckyCargo Club Suite – Day 1 (S), Unknown Event #1 (S), Unknown Event #2 (S), Unknown Event #3 (S), Unknown Event #4 (S), Unknown Event #5 (S), Unknown Event #6 (S), Unknown Event #7 (S), and Amorra Collagen Body Candle Promos (S).

Posted by rsfan

The gallery was updated today with the following galleries: 2013 – Pageant of the Masters Celebrity Benefit Show, 2007 Silver Spoon Golden Globes Suite – Day 1, 2017 – Bold and Beautiful Fan Event, 2003 – Television Critics Association Press Tour, 2018 – 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards – Arrivals, 2016 – 56th Monte Carlo Television Festival Closing Gala, Rena’s Personal Pictures, Loving Photo Shoot – March 20, 1990, Just Shoot Me Promos, Amorra Collagen Body Candle Promos, On Set of B&B, Black and White Photos, and Color Photos.

Posted by rsfan

There was an update at the gallery tonight.

The following albums were added/updated: Loving Double Wedding Photo Shoot – August 28, 1990 and Loving Double Wedding Photo Shoot – August 28, 1990 (S).

Posted by rsfan

Updated the gallery this evening with some photos of Rena from her Loving days. The following albums were added to the gallery this evening: On Set of Loving – Chapel in the Woods – February 23, 1990, On Set of Loving – Blue Lagoon – September 7, 1989, On Set of Loving – Back in Time – March 14, 1990, On Set of Loving – Christmas Show – December 6, 1990, On Set of Loving – October 19, 1989, On Set of Loving – September 25, 1990, On Set of Loving – February 15, 1990, and On Set of Loving – Trisha and Tucker Wedding – March 8, 1990.

Albums in the Photo Shoots section will be updated/tweaked this evening. So I am going to try my best to name any photo shoots in the gallery with the correct photographer and year. They will then be categorized by the year. Some photo shoots have already been renamed and added back to the gallery.

Albums added to the gallery include Loving Cast Photo Shoot – March 28, 1990, Loving Photo Shoot – March 20, 1990, Loving Photo Shoot – April 18, 1990, Loving Photo Shoot – March 16, 1989, and Loving Photo Shoot – February 23, 1989.

Posted by rsfan

Happy Christmas to those out there who celebrate!

There’s been an update at the gallery. The following albums were added to the gallery tonight: On Set of Hallmark’s Home and Family – November 20, 2017, Home and Family – November 21, 2017, and 2017 – Fan Event To Benefit Paw Parent Animal Rescue.

I hope to get back to capping and adding episodes of Bold and Beautiful since I’m on a little break now.

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There’s been an update at the gallery this evening. The following albums were added/updated at the gallery (including some HQ images): 2007 – Costume Designer’s Guild Awards – Arrivals, 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominee Party, 2003 – Cat In The Hat World Premiere, 2002 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Premiere, Once Upon A Time Stills, 2007 – 6th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show, 2006 – 5th Anniversary Of Little Black Dress, 2006 – Hollywood Reporter’s 15th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast, and 2008 – Pre-Mother’s Day Party at Spago (HQs).

I also plan on adding more captures of Rena’s B&B appearances to the gallery starting tonight. So watch out for those.

And thanks to those who have visited the gallery over the years. We now have over 1,000,000 image views at the gallery. Keep it up fans! You’re glorious.

Posted by rsfan

Added a few scans to the gallery this evening. Scans were added of Rena at the following events: 1994 Daytime Emmy Awards After Party and 1994 Soap Opera Digest Awards Pre-Party.

Also added a few images to the gallery. Updated albums include 2013 – Current B&B Stills, Rena’s Personal Pictures, 1999-2000 ABC Upfront, 1994 – Take a Chance with the Stars Benefit.

Been working on capping several episodes of B&B to add to the gallery. Hopefully captures will start to be added this weekend.