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Posted by rsfan

Hey everybody! The main site and gallery got a new look this evening. I love this look. It’s clean, fresh, and features some lovely images of Rena. Hope you all enjoy it as well.

With a new look comes some updates. I went through the pages of the site and fixed the links in the Filmography section. Affiliates who weren’t linking back were deleted.

Posted by rsfan

Captures for a few more episodes of Bold and the Beautiful were added to the gallery this evening. The following episodes were added: B&B – July 14, 2017, B&B – July 17, 2017, B&B – July 18, 2017, B&B – July 25, 2017, B&B – June 1, 2017, B&B – May 19, 2017, B&B – May 31, 2017.

Posted by rsfan

Captures of Rena’s appearances from episodes of Bold and the Beautiful are being added to the gallery starting tonight. This process will hopefully continue throughout the weekend.

The following albums have been added tonight: B&B – March 15, 2017, B&B – March 21, 2017, B&B – July 3, 2017, B&B – June 8, 2017, B&B – March 14, 2017, B&B – March 10, 2017, B&B – June 30, 2017, B&B – June 23, 2017, B&B – June 19, 2017

Posted by rsfan

Added a few scans to the gallery this evening. Scans were added of Rena at the following events: 1994 Daytime Emmy Awards After Party and 1994 Soap Opera Digest Awards Pre-Party.

Also added a few images to the gallery. Updated albums include 2013 – Current B&B Stills, Rena’s Personal Pictures, 1999-2000 ABC Upfront, 1994 – Take a Chance with the Stars Benefit.

Been working on capping several episodes of B&B to add to the gallery. Hopefully captures will start to be added this weekend.

Posted by rsfan

I’ve decided to change up the way the media vault is. Instead of posting videos on a YouTube channel, I have installed a media vault here on the site. You can access it using the link in the network section or here. I have a few older clips of Rena already posted but I hope to add more this summer. You will need Flash to be able to view the media clips.

Posted by rsfan

** UPDATE **

The gallery and articles vault have been added back to the site without any issues.

Hello all. Just writing to let visitors know that the site has been moved over to its new server. Now I have to fix other sections of the site like the gallery, media vault, etc. I will drop another note when these things were completed.

Posted by rsfan

Just wanted to give visitors a heads up about some changes that will take place behind the scenes here at Lady Blue Eyes. I am going to move the site over to another server in the coming days (or weeks). I am trying to cut costs running my sites and this move is necessary to help with that. There may be some days in which the site cannot be accessed but never fear. This site will be back online once the changes have taken effect. There might be some outages, images might not be right, user accounts might be deleted, etc to go along with this change. I am hoping to minimize such effects as possible but nothing is guaranteed.

Do know that the site will remain online and will have continued updates throughout the summer. Thanks.