Tag: Rena

Scans Added

I added some scans of Rena to the gallery tonight. The following albums were added: Soaps in Depth – August 4, 2014, Soaps in Depth – January 20, 2014, and Soaps in Depth – April 13, 2015.

B&B Captures

I added captures of Rena from older episodes of Bold and Beautiful. The following albums were added: B&B – September 30, 2014, B&B – June 25, 2015.

Gallery Updates

Added some images to the gallery tonight. Unfortunately, some of them are tagged. I can’t believe images are still being tagged in 2015. Anyway.

I added/updated the following albums to the gallery: 2014 – 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, 2015 – Bold and Beautiful Fan Event, and Always and Forever Stills.

New Look!

Hello all! I’ve been wanting to put up this new look for the site since autumn began but I got a little sidetracked with work. So I’m putting it up now. I think it looks great! Hope you all like it.

I also changed the theme for the gallery. I hope it doesn’t mess up like the other theme from this designer that I bought. That would be very upsetting.

Scans Added

After taking a break to deal with personal issues, I’ve added some scans to the gallery. The following albums were added/updated: Photo Shoot #53 (S), Photo Shoot #52 (S), Photo Shoot #51 (S), Photo Shoot #40 (S), 1988 – 1991 Loving Stills Set #2 (S), 1993 – 1997 GH Stills Set #35 (S).

B&B Captures Added

I’m continuing the long process of adding captures of Rena’s appearances from Bold and the Beautiful from 2014-2015 to the gallery. The following albums were added: B&B – May 5, 2014, B&B – March 31, 2014, B&B – March 25, 2014, B&B – March 17, 2014, B&B – March 11, 2014, B&B – March 10, 2014, B&B – March 14, 2014, B&B – March 13, 2014, B&B – April 8, 2014, B&B – April 3, 2014.