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Welcome to Lady Blue Eyes: Rena Sofer Online, your ultimate source for everything on actress Rena Sofer, who currently plays Quinn Fuller on Bold and the Beautiful! Lady Blue Eyes features a lot of resources for Rena fans including a gallery that boasts over 118,000 images! The site will always continue to grow so please enjoy your stay and come back often!

Gallery Updates

There's been an update at the gallery this evening. Captures of B&B from 2016 have been added as well as some scans of Rena at various public events in the 90s. Enjoy! The following albums were added/updated: B&B -...

More B&B Captures

Captures of Rena from several episodes of Bold and the Beautiful have been added to the gallery tonight. These captures are from 2016 and 2017. Added albums to the gallery include B&B - February 3, 2017, B&B - February...

New Layout

The site and gallery got a new matching layout for the last few months of 2018. Hope you all enjoy it. I'm still tweaking things as I go along the way but this is definitely the layout.

B&B Captures

Over the last few days, captures of Rena from B&B in 2014 and 2017 have been added to the gallery. The following albums were added: B&B - September 22, 2014, B&B - May 21, 2014, B&B - May 8,...

Small Update

Just added a few scans to the gallery tonight, mainly scans of Rena from unknown events. If you all happen to know any of those events, please drop me a line letting me know the year and event's name....

B&B Captures

Added captures of Rena's appearances on B&B from 2018. The following albums were added to the gallery: B&B - April 4, 2018, B&B - April 5, 2018, B&B - February 7, 2018, B&B - February 9, 2018, B&B -...

July Updates

The gallery was updated today with the following galleries: 2013 - Pageant of the Masters Celebrity Benefit Show, 2007 Silver Spoon Golden Globes Suite - Day 1, 2017 - Bold and Beautiful Fan Event, 2003 - Television Critics Association...

Daytime Emmys Pictures Added

Finally got around to adding images of Rena at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys back in April. She looked great as she was a presenter for the show. Images have been added to the gallery this evening. Enjoy!

B&B Captures Added

Added some captures of Rena from some 2014 episodes of Bold and Beautiful. The following albums were added: B&B - March 26, 2014, B&B - March 27, 2014, B&B - March 28, 2014, and B&B - May 6, 2014.