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Gallery Updates

Added a few captures of Rena from Bold and the Beautiful to the gallery. The following albums were added: B&B – February 6, 2015, B&B – July 27, 2015, B&B – July 29, 2015, B&B – April 9, 2015, B&B – August 22, 2014, B&B – August 25, 2014.

Captures Added

I am still adding captures of Rena from last year’s episodes of Bold and the Beautiful. I hope to start taking captures of 2014 episodes and add them to the gallery.

A Few Minor Adjustments

I added a redirected link for the gallery today. It has come to my attention that visitors were able to access the old gallery address (gallery/index.php) instead of going to the new gallery address (images/index.php). I added a redirected link from the old gallery to access the new gallery. Hopefully it will help the visitors see the over 33,000 images of Rena instead of seeing an old gallery with 0 images of Rena.

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