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Welcome to Lady Blue Eyes: Rena Sofer Online, your ultimate source for everything on actress Rena Sofer, who currently plays Quinn Fuller on Bold and the Beautiful! Lady Blue Eyes features a lot of resources for Rena fans including a gallery that boasts over 118,000 images! The site will always continue to grow so please enjoy your stay and come back often!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Rena celebrated her birthday on December 2. So happy belated birthday to Rena! Check out Rena over the years by looking through the gallery. I added some images of Rena from an event in 1994: backstage the Ricky Martin...

2016 B&B Captures

Started to add some captures of Rena from 2016 episodes of Bold and Beautiful. Albums added include B&B - May 23, 2016, B&B - May 63, 2016, and B&B - May 13, 2016.

2015 B&B Captures

I almost finished with adding captures of Rena from 2015 episodes of B&B. For some reason, I don't have any captures from May 2015 in the gallery but I will check to see if I have any. The following...

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth everybody! In the middle of cookouts and hanging out, there's been a gallery update. Continued to add captures of Rena from Bold and Beautiful from 2015 and 2016. Also added images of Rena from the 2019 B&B...

Gallery Updates

Added some more captures of Rena from B&B to the gallery today. Added the following albums: B&B - October 18, 2018, B&B - March 28, 2018, B&B - March 29, 2018, B&B - December 9, 2016, B&B - April...
Late Gallery Update

Late Gallery Update

I added some captures of Rena from B&B tonight. They were captured in a bigger size, so hopefully they look okay. I've been starting to cap episodes featuring Rena from 2018-2019. It's a process but the captures will be...
New Look!

New Look!

Lady Blue Eyes has gotten a new look for summer. I love how clean this layout looks. I am still tweaking some things to make it visually appealing. Check out the latest images down at the bottom of the...

Articles Added

Some recent articles about Rena were added to the Articles Vault. You can access the articles vault using the link on the sidebar.