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Welcome to Lady Blue Eyes: Rena Sofer Online, your ultimate source for everything on actress Rena Sofer, who currently plays Quinn Fuller on Bold and the Beautiful! Lady Blue Eyes features a lot of resources for Rena fans including a gallery that boasts over 118,000 images! The site will always continue to grow so please enjoy your stay and come back often!



“I could not have been luckier, getting to work with these two men who really have accomplished careers, and years and years of experience under their belts, and don’t come off as cocky movie stars or have any attitude. They’re just these kind and decent men who want to do good work, and are excited about their successful shows and want to do what they need to do to make them more successful.”

— on Adrian Pasdar and Kiefer Sutherland

“I grew up taking care of myself. I wasn’t a very confident child. I didn’t feel I was beautiful or worth anything.”

“I don’t think my father ever meant for me to be Lubavitch. I’m sure he would love for me to be more Orthodox than I am, but that wasn’t part of my lifestyle choices.”


“If that happened, Lois would take out a gun and kill everyone in sight. She’d have sex with Ned, and then kill him.”

— on if Lois caught Ned fooling around

“I also use black Lorac cream eyeliner. I put it across the top lash line, but I rarely put any underneath. I look like a drag queen if I do.”

“I don’t know why I didn’t listen. I walked out [of the salon] going, What the hell did I do?”

— on cutting her hair after Avalon’s birth

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