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Welcome to Lady Blue Eyes: Rena Sofer Online, your ultimate source for everything on actress Rena Sofer, who currently plays Quinn Fuller on Bold and the Beautiful! Lady Blue Eyes features a lot of resources for Rena fans including a gallery that boasts over 118,000 images! The site will always continue to grow so please enjoy your stay and come back often!

B&B Captures Being Added

Captures of Rena’s appearances from episodes of Bold and the Beautiful are being added to the gallery starting tonight. This process will hopefully continue throughout the weekend.

The following albums have been added tonight: B&B – March 15, 2017, B&B – March 21, 2017, B&B – July 3, 2017, B&B – June 8, 2017, B&B – March 14, 2017, B&B – March 10, 2017, B&B – June 30, 2017, B&B – June 23, 2017, B&B – June 19, 2017

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