Gallery Updates

There has been an update at the gallery! I have a lot of images of Rena to add to the gallery so I’m starting the updates tonight.

The following albums were added/updated at the gallery: The Kerry Ellison Story Ads (S), B&B – April 29, 2014, Photo Shoot #35 (S), Rena and her Dad (S), Kurth and Taylor Event (S), The Kerry Ellison Story Promos (S), Kurth and Taylor Tour for Kids – Cleveland (S), Young Rena (S), and 1996 – 23rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards – Arrivals (S).

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  1. I’m just happy to be here.
    I am sincerely an rsfan…
    Anything new about Rena ;
    Please shot it to me.
    Can I join the club?

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