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Welcome to Lady Blue Eyes: Rena Sofer Online, your ultimate source for everything on actress Rena Sofer, who currently plays Quinn Fuller on Bold and the Beautiful! Lady Blue Eyes features a lot of resources for Rena fans including a gallery that boasts over 118,000 images! The site will always continue to grow so please enjoy your stay and come back often!
Late Gallery Update

Late Gallery Update

I added some captures of Rena from B&B tonight. They were captured in a bigger size, so hopefully they look okay. I’ve been starting to cap episodes featuring Rena from 2018-2019. It’s a process but the captures will be added as they come.

Added albums include the following: B&B – September 19, 2018, B&B – September 17, 2018, B&B – September 13, 2018, B&B – August 27, 2018, B&B – September 5, 2018, B&B – August 30, 2018, B&B – September 10, 2018, B&B – September 11, 2018, B&B – October 2, 2018, B&B – October 12, 2018, and B&B – October 17, 2018.

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